Why we do what we do

Indigenous business is a key part of how Australia can reconcile with its First Nations peoples.  Navigating the politics and history of colonisation and disposition is a complex task.  We make it possible to start the conversation wherever you might be in your journey.

How we do it

Often, it starts with the right people in the room and with a commercial lens.  Open purpose lead conversations in a respectful and safe environment takes courage and leadership.  We can prove that engagement with Indigenous business on a commercial level can achieve both financial and social outcomes for all involved.

What is supplier diversity?

Supplier Diversity is a business program used by corporate and government agencies globally to actively engage with a diverse supplier base and once implemented can achieve competitive and innovative outcomes.  In Australia, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses and other under-utilised business operators such as women, those with disabilities, veterans & LGBTQIA+ have much to offer corporate and government organisations who wish to implement diverse businesses into their supply chain.

Indigenous Procurement Policy

In 2015, the Australian Federal Government launched the Indigenous Procurement Policy.  Claimed as one of the most successful Indigenous policies, it is designed to direct mandatory procurement spend toward genuine Indigenous businesses (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander); who are majority owned and controlled by Indigenous people.

Business as Usual is not business as usual

Engaging with Indigenous businesses is still in its infancy while a select few corporates and government agencies have made it their business either voluntarily or by mandate; many mainstream businesses struggle with taking the first step.  Growing the Indigenous business sector can help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to make a meaningful self determined contribution to society, their communities and families.  With the success of the Indigenous Procurement Policy of the Federal Governement we see the State Governments starting to form their own policies.  If your business provides services and products to suppliers and contractors to these government agencies there will be an increased expectation for you to show Indigenous and diverse supply chain engagement.

What ever your industry we can help you

The Indigenous business sector is growing and so is the diversity in their offerings.  Successful programs are lead by your business executives and implemented as part of your company wide strategy.  Many companies have elected to write Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs) and their own Indigenous Participation Programs, only to find it difficult to manage or implement because the solution doesn't fit you business model.  Providing guidance and support in this part of the journey while you are determining the best course of action is what we do for our clients no matter whether they have existing long term programs or are just starting out.

How We work

Our focus is on building what you need for your business and to implement a program that will be sustainable and commercially responsible.  Instead of using a cookie cutter approach we believe that by sitting and working with you and the key drivers of supplier diversity in your business to establish what your needs are we will not only be giving the program the greatest chance of success but can leave a legacy that will remain after the original creators have left the program.

Products and Services

We have been sourcing products and services across a variety of  industries for over 25 years nationally and globally.  We have a strong reputation for delivering on projects for our customers.  Open, clear communication which can often be a three or four way conversation with many stakeholders is essential for success.  Our purpose is to build relationships that  improve efficiencies and build confidence - not only in the Indigenous business space but across the under-utilised and minority enterprises.  By doing the best job we possibly can and showing commercial value is how we move engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses out of corporate responsibility and put it on the balance sheet.
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I’ve have over 25 years experience of running my own businesses and today I am the CEO and major shareholder of a number of Indigenous (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) controlled companies that operate in national and international markets.  iSustainable is a 100% Indigenous owned certified business and has had an interesting evolution that started with building relationships with customers.  My clients know me for my solutions based approach and my passion for achieving sustainable commercial results for all parties.

Jasmin Herro

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